Shemale Sex Doll for Man & Women

162cm Big Bust Shemale Sex Doll Greta

It is well worth the money, cleans up easily and you won’t hear any complaints of having a headache or that it’s too late! Get yourself one of these!

162cm (5.31ft) Big Tits Real Size Shemale Sex Doll Corina

I was skeptical, kind of unsure at first if it would be creepy to buy this but really and truly this is one of the best purchases Ive made. Very realistic, the way it feels and looks along with the weight.

Real Black Girl Sex Dolls

170cm (5.58ft) Medium Breasts African American Black Girl Sex Doll Chelsia

It arrived a few days early in discreet packaging as promised. It is better than expected. The most notable thing about this is the durability. Great product for the price all in all a great buy.

167cm (5.47ft) Medium Chest Real Size Black Lady Sex Doll Tilda

Good product at a good price. Both holes are good for a quickie or rough session. Definitely use lube!! Can also accommodate guys from a smaller than average and up. It feels great and easy to use. I would recommend.

Lifelike Latin Sex Dolls for Sale

168cm (5.51ft) Big Bust Real Curvy Sex Doll Gerda

I purchased this as a 1st toy of this type and am very satisfied with the purchase. The price for it is also very nice and build quality is very nice. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a realistic doll.

168cm (5.51ft) Big Breasts Brown Curls Love Doll Beulah

Good quality for a good price, I believe this is where cheap sex dolls and good sex dolls meet in the middle, and this doll is her, Highly recommend! you will not be disappointed…

New Sex Dolls 2024 – Luxury Collection

170cm (5.58ft) Big Tits Blonde Love Doll RC230623 Suzanne

I definitely was getting it for experimental purposes but I have to say it’s actually solid! proper lube and warmth and it’s an amazing experience. Happy masturbating fellas!

170cm (5.58ft) Big Boobs Real Size Sex Doll RC230622 Xanthe

Received my Doll today, only 22 days after placing my order, she is perfect. Better than the pictures, give you 10 stars very satisfied thank you so much. Perfect size perfect weight. You made my day, thanks again.

Best Cosplay Sex Dolls

158cm (5.18ft) Medium Breast Sex Doll EB19081334 The Mother Of Dragons Daenerys Stormborn Khaleesi

Soo I just got mine and had a chance to use it and thit thing feels great especially with a pre heat from a heating rod. I’m honestly blown away by how realistic it feels inside and out. The butt feels nice to grab and slap. Overall this is an amazing product in my eyes.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Boom Sex Doll CK19060357 Kikyo

I have never bought a toy this big before and let me tell you, it’s great. The size and weight feel very nice; however, I feel like it could have been a bit lighter and kept the same size. The material is very soft and attention to detail is amazing.